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OldeWebster.com has a staff of professionals who are lifetime residents of Webster.

Editor - Carla Manzi, cmanzi@oldewebster.com
Contributing Editor - Jim Manzi, jmanzi@oldewebster.com
Carla is a real estate broker and daughter of Jim and Theresa Manzi. Jim Manzi is one of the unofficial historians of the town with an exhaustive collection of artifacts, documents, photographs and postcards of the early years of the town.

Art Director - Chad Pepin, cpepin@oldewebster.com
Creative, imaginative, patient, generous, talented, hardworking, honest - no he's not a Boy Scout - he's Chad Pepin our Web master and all around technology wizard. Having been blessed w/artistic ability AND technological savvy, Chad has been producing art since he was old enough to put crayon to paper. He has progressed to graphic artist to graphic designer to marketing and advertising specialist for an international corporation. His link to oldewebster.com is his sincere interest in his hometown and its colorful history. While living in Belgium several years ago, he went to the web to look up his hometown to share with his co-workers. The lack of any internet presence for the Town of Webster was disappointing. Upon his return to the US and Webster, Chad remained as a consultant for the Belgium company. In due time, his creative juices in high gear, he hung out his own shingle "Indigrafix". In a series of "timing is everything" events, Chad has now located his office at 154 Thompson Road, "the center of our universe" where he frequents the real estate office owned by Herman F. Becker and managed by Carla Manzi.

Contributing Authors: Ed Patenaude

As the story continues, Chad and Carla share more than early years at the Webster Public Library. Conversations revealed a shared interest in preserving and publishing the early history of the town as well as an appreciation for the conversations and reminiscing of our older citizens. A web site would be a perfect venue for this idea as well as encouraging others to share the memories of their youth. Through the generosity of Jim Manzi, former Times editor and present T & G columnist Ed Patenaude, the editing skills of Carla and the web genius of Chad…oldewebster.com is now a reality.

Attention Webster Historians!
This site is for the entertainment of our Webster residents and is not an educational or historic tool. The accuracy of information on this site is based on past newspaper articles and stories submitted by our readers. Our mission is to create a "digital coffee table book", rather than an online reference tool. We hope you truly enjoy OldeWebster.com!

If any information appears incorrect, feel free to contact our editor and we will be happy to change or update any info on this site.

New Material:
Oldewebster.com is built from bits and pieces of Webster's past through our generous contributing authors. If you wish to contribute any new material, we will add you to the authors list, and also list your name on each piece submitted.

Research Sources:
Our information will be gathered from many sources and to make sure credit is given where due, we will update the bibliography on a regular basis.

Oldewebster.com accepts the following, dated as late as 1960 or 1970:
Photographs - all kinds
Movies - converted to videotape (VHS)
Newspapers and newspaper articles
Press Releases
Business Stationary, or receipts
And especially... old stories written by YOU. We don't care how you submit - Microsoft word, text, or pen-and napkin... we want to hear your stories.

Please restrict material to Webster and Dudley Massachusetts only.
All submitted material will be copied and returned in its original condition.
Any material which is personal or controversial in nature will not be used.


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