Stockwell Block  1887
Originally located on the plaza in front of the Town Hall, it was the only store in the town at the time of its incorporation, 1832. The building, owned by John P. Stockwell, was moved to its present location at the corner of School and Main St. on 1840-42. The block has a varied history of commercial occupants.
"The Webster Weekly" was published there by James Shumway from 1846-48. In 1852, Liberty Lamb, Jr. ran a furniture and grocery store; George Tracy opened a boots and shoes store in 1853; Ethan Bullard tailor, 1858; J.D. Plummer's fish market in 1865, also, D.D. Smith dentist and Charles Page, M.D. More recently Manzi's Fruit Store, Manzi's Barber shop (still there), Victory Shoe Repair, Bill and Eve's Clothing Store. Today it houses the Main St. Chinese Restaurant and the Webster Institute of Karate.
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