The Stadium -- Candy Kitchen  1920's
George Samar established The Stadium Candy Kitchen some time in the 1920's if not before. By the mid-1930's, he had a soda fountain, a pop corn machine, a warmer for different sized bags of peanuts, and a massive showcase with plates of hand-dipped chocolates of different sizes, shapes, and calories. Production was in an upstairs room half a set of stairs up from the store. The place was finished in mahogany and there were six or eight booths to match, always immaculately kept. Fresh squeezed orange juice was a specialty. Mr. Samar sold the business to Arthur "Chick" Pappas, much later of The Big Apple fame, after World War II. Mr. Pappas substituted factory manufactured candy, added snacks, and converted the former candy kitchen into a teen corner. I think it had a juke box. They sold the business to Eric and Roland Guenther. Though it was generally believed they were brothers, they were actually first cousins. They persisted until Uncle Sam took the building, with four stores, The Stadium, Vel's Jewelers, Johnny Chauvin's Market, and Smith & Duffy, a women's and childrens shop; by an act of condemnation. The property was torn down, and added to the post office lot, for a new federal building. Mr. Samar and his family moved to Palmer after selling the business. He established a variety store in that town and one of his sons, Jimmy Samar, opened a used car lot.
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