Bartolomei's Fruit Store  1965
Handling the S.S. Pierce line of fancy groceries, Bartolomei Fruit was located at 167 Main St. This was located directly across the street from the Joslin House and it was originally the site of Webster's post office. Charles, James and Ernest Bartolomei came to America from Italy. Ernest went on to the town of Orange, while "Charlie" and James remained in Webster to run the fruit store. The only break in the long ownership of the store by the Bartolomei's occurred in 1921, when the store was sold to John Delisio, who conducted the business until 1929. At that time, Mrs. Charles Bartolomei and her son Chris returned from Italy, following the death of Mr. Bartolomei and the business was repurchased. Chris Bartolomei ran the business for many years.
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