Choiniere Dairy, Maple St.  1959
A horse, a cart, some big milk cans, a tin quart measure and a helper were the ingredients needed by Arthur Choiniere for the establishment of his milk route back in 1907. In 1959, the Choiniere Dairy, located on Maple St., had a modern plant for the pasteurization, processing and bottling of milk and cream. In addition, there were many trucks to facilitate house-to-house delivery as well as the quantity deliveries to stores and restaurants in the area. About 1915, Mr. Choiniere built a home and a large milk room at 17 Elm St., and operated from that location until he built the modern dairy station at Maple St. in 1928. Choiniere's also maintained automatic milk dispensing machines in the public schools of the town, under the government program whereby youngsters procured a half-pint of milk for four-cents. J. Arthur Choiniere, son of the founder, served as president with Armand Remie as vice president and Jeannette C. Remie as secretary and treasurer. The dairy closed its operations in the 1970's.
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