Flood Damage, Mill St.  1936

Friday, 13th, is a day to dread
Awful things happen then, ‘tis said;
And Webster found that this was true –
For the quiet river had broken thru,
Pearl Street residents put to rout
And Headway Company flooded out –
“A terrible thing,” said Chairman Joe

He watched the water as it rose
Dealing the town some terrible blows;
Families homeless, industries flooded;
How to relieve them – this he studied,
“All that water would soon go back
“If it wasn’t for the railroad track” –
“It’s getting worse,” said anxious Joe.

“A little hole in that railroad line
And things on Pearl Street would be fine.
I’ll give the New Haven boys a ring
Explain the flood and everything,
I know I’ll get permission thru
When they know what I intend to do –
“I’ll call them up,” said confident Joe.

Down in New Haven, the president
Got the message. In the air he went
(He’d just been figuring his income tax
When he got the request to blow up his tracks.)
“Has that Webster man gone out of his head?
“You leave our tracks alone,” he said.
“So that’s how he feels.” said angry Joe.
The water kept rising, higher and higher
Again he studied the president’s wire,
He knew that something had to be done
In any emergency – and here was one!
With the engineer he briefly talked
And back to the railroad line he walked.
“So now it’s war,” said determined Joe.

The crowd fell back from the dreaded
As Ernest Wallis prepared for the host,
He set the fuses, attached the wire,
And then he got his order “Fire!”
(This in substance, are the facts)
How the hole was blown in the railroad track.
“That’s the stuff,” said smiling Joe.

The blast was heard all along the line,
And tho people in Webster all said “Fine!”
Amazement and horror found a place
On every railroad official’s face
But while they raged and stormed about
The water in Pearl Street all ran out –
“It did the trick,” exploded Joe.

The railroad declares there’s trouble ahead
From the president down, they’re seeing red.
The hole’s been filled, the trains are running
But for our chairman they are gunning.
“We’ll take you to court, we’ll never relax
You can’t blow up our railroad tracks”

“That’s what you think,”
Says Dynamite Joe.
-Courtesy Of
Tom Ryzewski, John Mrazik

Copyright© OldeWebster 2001
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