The Stayman's at Kulin's  1983
Kulin's Specialty Shop was located at 274 Main St. It was started by Samuel and Eva Kulin, who were among several Jewish merchants on Main Street (The New York Fashion Shop, The Kiddie Shop, Biljac's and Arts Jeweler's were among the others). The motto of Kulin's was "Known for Quality." The store sold children's clothing, women's lingerie, and household linens. After finishing high school, Bessie worked in the store with her parents. When she married Henry Stayman in 1942, he was brought into the business, although he was soon drafted. After the war they continued operating the store until they retired in 1983.

This photo of Bessie and Henry Stayman, was taken in June 1983, when they were conducting their "retirement sale." You can see that a number of shelves are empty, and signs were posted with the discounts taken off the merchandise.
-Courtesy Of
Deborah Stayman

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