Webster District Hospital Business
Babe's Convenience Store Business
1968 "Jack the Pie Man" Business
1880 Jesse Brown Harness Shop in the Joslin House Business
1880 est. Thomas F. Farrell’s Tailor Shop Business
1887 Stockwell Block Business
1910 Woolworth 5 and 10 Business
1913 Music Hall Christmas 1913 Business
1914 Frank the Tailor Business
1914 Dziembowski's Market Business
1916 Columbus Day celebration at Joslin House, Main St. Business
1920 Place Motors and Nectar Products Business
1920's The Stadium -- Candy Kitchen Business
1925 Jean Cyr's -- Corner Harris and Lake Business
1928 Tony Manzi's Store Business
1929 First National Bank $10 Note Business
1930 Maanexit Hotel Business
1930 J. B. Prescott & Son Tracy Court Business
1936 Waterhouse Company,Tracy Court 1936 Flood Business
1938 Mohegan Ballroom fire Business
1939 L.J. Dugans Co. Business
1940 Forest Club Business
1940 The Brick Bar Business
1940 "Spite Line" at Cranston Print Works Business
1940's Manzi's Fruit Store Business
1945 Jakubowski's Market Business
1945 South Main St. Service Station Business
1945 Ben's Place Business
1947 Machine Shop CPW Business
1949 "The Stadium" Business
1949 Mother's Market Business
1949 Nectarland Business
1950's Webster-Dudley Country Club Business
1952 Hub Printing Business
1953 The Crew at the Colonial Business
1954 Airplane View of Webster Business
1958 Bar at Snug Harbor Business
1958 Berger Building, Mechanic St. Business
1958 Old Slater Company Store Business
1958 Nectarland Business
1959 Choiniere Dairy, Maple St. Business
1960 Ben's Spa Business
1960's Maanexit Hotel, Main St. Business
1961 Miniature Golf at Nectarland Business
1961 Nectarland Business
1962 Nectarland Menu Business
1962 The Colonial Club Restaurant Business
1963 Medical Building -- Thompson Road Business
1965 Bartolomei's Fruit Store Business
1965 Waite Hardware, Ray Jewelers Business
1966 Thrifty Supermarket Business
1969 Hade's Market, East Main Street Business
1969 Slater's Green Mill at East Village Business
1973 Bruno's Gas Station, East Main St. Business
1973 Main Street Business Block Business
1975 Mac & Mary's Swingin' Chicken Business
1983 The Stayman's at Kulin's Business


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