Street Name Origins
Ever wonder where the street names came from? Below is a list of just a few...

Aldrich St. -- For George Aldrich, land owner and developer.
Arkwright Rd.
-- Named for Sir Richard Arkwright, inventor of power spinning, whose method Samuel Slater introduced in America.
Bartlett St. -- for Asa Bartlett, former high school principal.
Barnes St. -- for Leonard Barnes, land owner and businessman.
Brandes St. -- for Henry Brandes, town official, Civil War veteran.
Carter St. -- for Edward P. Carter, town clerk and School committeeman.
Chase Ave. -- for John Chase, mill owner.
Davis St. -- for William Harrison Davis, first Justice in Webster.
Day St. -- for Gen. Jonathan Day, one of the first town officials.
Day's Lane -- for Augustas E. Day, land owner and postmaster.
Deslaurier Ave. -- for Alphone Deslaurier, land owner and businessman.
Frederick St. -- for Frederick T. Chase, mill owner.
Goddard St. -- for Joel Goddard, land owner and businessman.
Guenther Square -- Corner of Lake and Main Street, named for Charles E. Guenther, World War I veteran. For many years, the area was called Carney's Corner, in honor of John Carney, whose business was located there and who owned land on both sides of Lake St.
Harris St. -- for Lucian Harris, land owner and son-in-law of Dr. Negus.
Klebart Ave. -- for William C. Klebart, town official and businessman, once part-owner of the TIMES.
Esther St., Nelson St., Ray St., and Morris St. -- for the children of Horatio Nelson and Mabel Hunt Slater.
Lincoln St. -- for Abraham Lincoln, sixteenth president of the United States.
Maynard Ave. -- for Maurice Maynard, land owner and town official.
Negus St. -- for Dr. Charles Negus, one of Webster's first physicians, who gave land on Church St. for church purposes.
Slater St. -- for Samuel Slater
Snow's Corner -- for Andrew R. Snow, town official and Civil War veteran.
Stoughton Ave. -- for William Stoughton, one of the first land holders.
Maynard Ave. -- for Maurice Maynard, land owner and Town official.
Clark St. -- For Henry J. Clark, first local man appointed Judge of First District Court, benefactor of Samaritan Association and hospital.
Crosby St. -- for D. W. Crosby, son-in-law of Christopher Haskell.
Joyce St. -- for Joyce Brown, daughter of Dr. Frederick Brown, one-time owner of the land.
Dresser St. -- for Horace M. Dresser, one of the first businessman.
Eddy St. -- for Lyman R. Eddy, town official and businessman.
Tracy Ct. -- for George Tracy, land owner and businessman.
Wakefield St. -- for Joseph Wakefield, an original settler.
Washington St. -- for George Washington, first President of the United States.
Wellington St. -- for David Wellington, land owner and businessman.
Whitcomb St. -- for Charles Whitcomb, land owner.


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