Websta's Dictionary

Not to be confused with Noah's...here is a list of Webster's lingo - words, phrases, and local vernacular which you will no doubt recognize if you have grown up here or have lived here for any length of time.



5 and 10
Alls I know a culmination of everything you know about something
Barrel-assing Going fast, speeding
Big D Price Chopper
Bottle it The high school on Lake Parkway.
"He goes to bottle it." (Bartlett)
Cocked Up



Gilbert's Market

Look out!

Downtown Webster
Enough of
Good Pickup
Car/girl that accelerates well.
Greek Market The market on South Main Street, (aka the lower end).
(Grinder) or submarine sandwich
Super-large french fries, basically a potato sliced into quarters.
No Name
Anywhere else in the world ask for Calzone
You don't say
You don't say
The Choppa
Price Chopper
The French Church
Sacred Heart on East Main St.
The Grape The Fuzzy Grape (now Mario's)
The Lower End South Main Street
The Pits
Place to go parking with your girl
The Polish Bank
Webster First Federal Credit Union
The Polish Church
St. Joseph's Basilica on Whitcomb St.
The Ranch
Indian Ranch
The Saft This afternoon. E.g.,
I'll give it to ya the saft
Tird Street
Third Street
The Village
North Village Apartment Complex
Thrifty Supermarket, circa 1960-1984



"I toll ya dat"
I told you that

"Ova heeya not ova dare"
Over here not over there.

"J'eet yet?"
Did you eat yet? Ans. "No, D'joo?"

"Gettin' a grinda at Lake"
Getting a submarine sandwich at Lake Pizza.

"Gettin' cocked at Waterfronts"
Getting drunk at Waterfront Mary's

"Goin' down to the Hub"
Getting candy from Gene Cyr's

"Goin' to the club"
A polite way to tell your wife and kids you were going to sit at a bar all weekend. "The Club" projected an aura of mystique, like it was an exclusive place to be, where important "man business" took place.

"Hey" (used as punctution by some Websterites)
Example - "We were on our way to the mall, hey - and we saw this dead thing in the road, hey - and it turned out to be a fox, hey."

"They give a good plate"
They serve large portions

"Who was she from home?"
What was her maiden name?


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Contributed by Chad Pepin